Special message

Special message from Dr. Richard L. Sprott

I am delighted to offer my congratulations on the opening of the SAM Council Home Page. I have followed the development of the SAM strains of mice and their acceptance by the gerontological research community for more than 20 years. The hard work and careful analysis by the Takeda group at Kyoto University and the rapid expansion of the number of laboratories around the world using this valuable resource over the last decade has been very gratifying. The International Biogerontology Resources Institute (IBRI), which is a world-wide repository for animal resources for aging research, is very pleased to be the distributor of SAM mice in Europe and North America. We value our opportunity to make these animals available to the research community greatly. We are pleased that the SAM council has created a new home page that will make the availability of SAM mice more widely known and provide investigators with a valuable new research tool.

Richard L. Sprott, Ph.D.
Executive Director,
Ellison Medical Foundation and Bord Member of IBRI