SAM Supply System

SAM supply system

Since 1982 when the supply system started, the SAM Council has controlled access to SAM. When an investigator desires access, the investigator applies to the Council. When an application is approved, breeding pairs are supplied at a small charge to cover the cost of shipping. The number of laboratories supplied with breeding pairs of SAM reached 302, 233 in Japan and 69 outside of Japan, up to June 2002 when the supply of breeding pairs stopped (Table).

It is unquestionable that consignment production and distribution of SAM would promote the efficiency of research in various ways. In fact, the Council has received many requests for consignment production and distribution from investigators in Japan as well as outside of Japan since the early 1990’s. Thus, the Council made efforts to prepare for the consignment production and distribution of the SAM model. Breeders, Japan SLC Inc. and Harlan/IBRI, entrusted by the Council, started the consignment distribution in 2002. Regarding the distribution territory of each trader, Japan SLC Inc. covers Japan, Korea and some Asian districts. Harlan/IBRI covers North and South America, Europe and some Asian districts. At present, the available strains are as follows; SAMR1/Ta, SAMP1/Ka, SAMP6/Ta, SAMP8/Ta and SAMP10/Ta reared under specific pathogen-free (SPF) conditions. The high quality of these strains useful as models for aging research is strictly controlled in cooperation with the SAM Council.

In this context it should be noted that Dr. Richard L. Sprott, Executive Director, Ellison Medical Foundation and Board Member of IBRI, formerly Associate Director, Biology of Aging Program, NIH made a great contribution to the achievement of the consignment production and distribution of SAM mice as well as the introduction of the SAM model to the international academic world in biomedical gerontology.

Addresses for more information are as follows;

To Japan SLC,Mr. Takesi Sube
Japan SLC, Inc.
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Shizuoka 431-1103, Japan
TEL: +81-53-486-3178 Seocho-ku
FAX: +81-53-486-3156 137-140

To Korea SLC,
Mr. Jun-Kyu Lee
Jung-Ang Lab. Animals, Inc.
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Seoul, Korea
TEL: +82-2-3461-5255
FAX: +82-2-3461-4274

To Harlan US,
Mr. Adam J Goedde
Harlan US Technical Services
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To Harlan Europe,
Valerie Summers
Harlan UK Customer Services
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FAX: +44-1869-246-759

To SAM Council,
Dr. Masanori Hosokawa
The Council for SAM Research
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Kyoto 604-8856, Japan
TEL.FAX: +81-75-322-6272